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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The extension cord will be 30ft.

Yes, please visit Accessories | shopNovolink for accessories.

Yes, the solar panel should withstand rain, snow, any type of weather.

No. Inside the box we provide mounting hardware along with the solar panel cradle. If you have any other questions please contact our customer care department at 1866-308-3976.


At this point there are no extensions available for the cable that connects the light to the solar panel. Any additions to the cable will void the warranty.

If the red light is flashing but headlights don’t turn on, usually it is because of the surrounding environment light. The sensor thinks it’s daytime causing the headlights not to turn on.

When deciding where to mount this unit, the motion sensor (that activates the light) has a “field of vision” of 50 ft. (15 m) in front of the light, and about 180° detection angle at a surrounding air temperature of 77°F (25°C). If the SENS is in "H" for high, it will detect up to 50 feet away. Also remember to set the operation switch from TEST to MOTION.

Please power OFF the unit and let it charge for 2 days. If in an area that is receiving a lot of inclement weather (ie. thunderstorms, freezing conditions), the light may not have an opportunity to recover and maintain its operating charge.

More than likely the unit needs to be charged more. Power OFF unit for 2 days and let it charge. Check for any surrounding light that might interfere with the sensor. The sensor is sensitive to light; if there is another light around, the headlights will not turn on.

If the solar panel is not positioned correctly or if there is not at least 6 hours of sun, the 2 headlights will likely not power on at night-time. Cloud cover, storms, or other weather that would have reduced sunlight, might have prevented the unit from recharging. (The light needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to operate normally).

As the batteries that are installed with the light are recharged via the solar panel on top, it’s important that the light unit be exposed to sunlight for at least 6 hours per day. This is especially important if they’re activated often during the night. If your lights are in shadow at any time of the day, move them to a location that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight. Also, you’ll want to make sure that the DIP switches in the back of the unit are set to the same number, so when one unit detects motion, the other is activated.

These two deck lights come with the Device Address switch (1) preset to be synched upon initial use. When one light detects motion, both lights turn on. To connect additional lights to this set, ensure the Device Address switches (1) are all set to the same setting.

This particular light set is designed only to activate when motion is detected. (Solar-powered lights typically aren’t good for all night illumination.). The best option for an all-night light would be a hard-wired or low-voltage connected light.

The light is designed to turn ON in low light or darkness, and only when motion is detected.

It’s recommended to set the deck lights in a place where they receive plenty of sun each day. It’s important to take seasonal changes into account when determining the placement of your solar panels. When it comes to height, we recommend mounting the deck lights at a 7ft or 8ft to make sure the sensor can read motion sensing. However, there are cases where customer install the lights on the ground and that can work as well. Just make sure the solar panel is receiving plenty of sun.

No, the motion sensing is a feature that cannot be turned off.

The lumens for the spotlight is 150. We recommend checking out the details portion that is under Dimensions. Feel free to contact us with any questions at 800-933-7188.

No, you can use the motion sensor and spot light without the app.

We recommend checking to make sure the batteries are inserted correctly. More than likely the batteries are not inserted correctly or the batteries need to be replaced,

No, you do not need to buy the wireless controller. It is optional to have all 3.


Choose a suitable location 4 to 6 ft. above the ground, where you’d like the sensor to detect motion and activate the light.

The Motion Sensor can be mounted onto a wall, or staked to the ground (cradle, stake, and pole sold sererately).

Insert (3) AA batteries.

Insert (4) D batteries into the compartment. Match the polarity markings (+) (−).


When motion is detected by the Motion Sensor, it activates the Spotlight which can be placed up to 50 ft. away.

No, batteries are not included.

Both the spot light and sensor are weather-resistant.

The spotlight with sensor kit does not connect to WI-FI but rather Bluetooth. After installing the batteries on both spotlight and sensor the Novolink LS app must be downloaded to search and connect the devices. Please contact our Customer Care with any questions or concerns regarding this product. We can be reached by phone at 1866-308-3976 or by email


Most Android and iOS smartphones. Android version 9.0 or higher. For Apple IOS Version 11.0 or higher.

The red light will flash rapidly to let you know it is ready for pairing.

The spotlight will flash to let you know it has completed a reset.

Turn the back of the Spotlight counter-clockwise (about a 1/4 turn) and open, to reveal the battery compartment. Press and squeeze the top and bottom tabs of the compartment 3 times. On the third time the light will flash.


Press and hold the button for 10 Seconds.

The sensitivity is set and cannot be changed. Our Deck lights will only give off a warm white, 3000K light when activated.


There is no maximum number of lights. You can connect as many as you like, feel free to contact our Customer Care Department with any other questions you might have.

It’s recommended to set the deck lights in a place where they receive plenty of sun each day. It’s important to take seasonal changes into account when determining the placement of your solar panels. When it comes to height, we recommend mounting the deck lights at a 7ft or 8ft to make sure the sensor can read motion sensing. However, there are cases where customer install the lights on the ground and that can work as well. Just make sure the solar panel is receiving plenty of sun.


The included hardware is designed specifically for the light, for proper installation, use, and access to the battery and DIM switch. You can use other methods (ie. mounting tape, hooks), but they may not be as reliable, or allow for easy access to the light. Whichever method you select, avoid blocking the motion sensor, or covering the solar panel, as this will reduce the light's functionality.

Each motion sensing light is 300 Lumens.

The deck lights will operate a total of 8 hours and that is with the light turning on and with the motion sensor detecting motion on a full charge.


Detects motion up to 30 ft. away, activating for 10-seconds.

Each deck light will have 300 Lumens.

See page 12, Operation #4: “Reading the indicator light” in the Use and Care Guide.

No, the light cannot be reset. You can, however, test the light by putting it in ‘Test’ mode, and back to ‘Motion’.

The batteries can be purchased from Home Depot.


Push the power button on in the day-time, if the headlights flash once that means the light is ON.

If the battery is full the charging light will not turn on.

It is important to understand how a motion sensor works. Most motion sensors use passive infrared (PIR) technology to detect motion. This involves responding to significant changes in infrared energy caused by motion (humans). We recommend a light that will activate with Pet motions.

No, these units come only in white color.

Please power off the unit and remove the batteries. Leave the unit in OFF position for a day to let the Solar Panel receive sunlight. The next day at night please power ON the unit and see if the unit keeps flickering. If this does not solve the issue please contact our Customer Care Department.

Our lights are weather-resistant, designed to work in hot, cold and rainy conditions, and should withstand a ‘decent shower’ fairly easily.

No, our lights are Solar Powered based. No hardwiring required.


These units use three AA, 2000 mAh Ni-MH replacement.


Please refer to page 12 of the Use and Care Guide. The indicator light is located below the motion sensor (C), and shows the basic status of the light.

No, the bulbs are not replaceable.

The more direct sunlight the solar panel receives in a day, the longer the light will operate. The light requires at least 6 hours of full sunlight.

The lights needs to be charged more. Power OFF the unit for 2 days and let it charge. Avoid placing the Solar Panel in shaded areas or where trees might block the sun.

No, the Lumen (brightness) is set and cannot be adjusted.

No, please use the batteries that are appointed to your light. Refer to the Use and Care Guide for the appropriated battery.

Please visit the Home Depot website and type the model number of your light on the search bar. Scroll down to Additional Resources and click on Use and Care Manual.

Please refer to the manual, page 14.

The batteries should last for a year or year and half.


No, our lights have a timer setting which is 30s, 60s, 90s.

Please power OFF the unit and let it charge for 2 days. The battery is low causing the headlights to be dimmed.


Unfortunately not. Our units are motion sensor lights designed to activate(power-on) and deactivate(power-off) after motion has been detected. Both sensor and light will always work together.

The green light means “charging”. The green light will only show in day-time when there is sun hitting the solar panel.

The cable from the light to the Solar Panel is 9 Feet.


The unit should be mounted 7-8ft off the ground.

The solar panel should receive at least 6 hours of full sunlight.

Please turn to page 15 in the Use and Care guide to read into our Troubleshooting steps. It states if the light is not operating (turning on) due to weather changes know this; The surrounding air temperature is too hot if it is greater than 122°F (50°C)) or too cold less than -4°F (-20°C)). The light will operate normally when temperatures return within operational range. Placing the light in areas that are not directly exposed to extreme temperatures may extend operation time.


If the unit is only staying on for 5s, make sure it is not in TEST mode but Motion.

Testing will make the light turn on day-time or night-time. This is used when you are mounting the light in the daytime. Since the light does not turn on in the day-time “Test” will turn on the lights.

Yes, the motion sensor (we call it a PIR sensor) can be adjusted left-right, up (to point straight ahead) or down (pointing almost vertically to the ground).

No, the sensor cannot be replaced.

Once mounted and connected, it is recommended that the light be charged for at least 2 days. (The Power button should be in the OFF position.) The Solar Panel should be placed in an area that allows for the maximum amount of sunlight exposure per day. Solar Panel is best when placed on the southern facing portion, or the highest point, of a structure.

No, the motion sensor cannot be turned off.

For wall mounting, till the sensor down 10 degrees to cover up to a 50ft range in front. For eave mounting, turn the sensor either clockwise or counterclockwise to the desired position.


The blue light means charging.

The blue light means “charging”. The blue light will only show in day-time when there is sun hitting the solar panel.

Please refer to the manual, page 12.

Reviewing the included instructions and QSG before placing the Solar Motion Light into regular use. Positioning of the solar panel is particularly critical in making sure the batteries are recharged properly. Make sure your panel is southern-sky facing, at about a 45º angle, with no obstructions (such as telephone poles, trees) between it and the rays of the sun. We suggest setting the light at LUX=Low, SENS=High, it insure the light turns ON when you need it most, and not during the day. Remember you have a 1-year manufacturer's warranty on the light and panel. Feel free to give us a call at 1-866-308-3976.

The light will not work in daylight, unless the LUX is set to H (High); otherwise, it will only operate during low-light or night-time conditions. Note that this is not an 'all-night' floodlight; it will only turn ON when it detects motion, and only for intervals of 5 minutes (max.). If you want a light that stays ON all night, you'll have to purchase an AC, or hard-wired unit.

The unit will activate and stay on when motion is detected, for a maximum of 5 minutes, and then switch off. It will continue to light-up with motion until the battery is depleted.

The light does not have a remote function, and is set manually.


Lithium-ion batteries will charge in above-freezing temperatures (0ºC to 45º C, or 32ºF to 113ºF), and discharge just below freezing (-20ºC to 60ºC or -4ºF to 140ºF).  So in freezing temperatures, the lights may drain the battery, but have difficulty charging.

The lights go through a 3-minute test phase when power is turned ON (the button is pressed.). For the first minute, the light will turn ON, but not react to motion. For the 2nd and 3rd minute, the light will turn ON when motion is detected, and stay ON for 30 seconds. After the 3 minute test phase, the light will resume AUTO operation.

The solar panel can charge the internal battery in direct and indirect light. For best results, place the panel in direct light to maximize and increase efficiency


Either the battery is low, or the light's sensor may not be set accurately to enable it to activate.  Follow the steps below:

  1. (For Bluetooth units) Log into the App and check the battery status of the unit.

  2. If the battery is low, turn the unit OFF at the switch, then allow it to fully charge (for at least 2 full, clear-sky days)

  3. Turning it ON again after it has sufficiently charged.

  4. If the battery is charged, and the unit is still not illuminating, adjust the LUX (For Bluetooth units, in the light’s Settings menu in the App) to a higher setting. This will set the light to activate even if there's ambient light from street lamps, cars, etc.

  5. Also, set Sensitivity (SENS) to a higher setting. This will make sure the light is detecting enough motion to activate.

  6. The battery may have difficulty charging in low temperatures, and will not charge in freezing temps.

All parts of the Solar Security Lights are weather-proofed and are ideal for any exterior installation.


Log into the App and check the battery status of the unit.  If the battery is low, then allow it to fully charge before using the light.  If the battery is charged, adjust the LUX in the light’s Settings menu.  In wireless units, a low battery in ECO mode may cause the light to strobe.


No, the current iteration of the recessed lights are not made for dimming circuits. We are considering this in upcoming products.


The Landscape IPC Camera will send out alerts when motion has been detected. Feel free and contact our Customer Care Department with any other questions. (800-933-7188) Remember our IPC Camera comes with 2-Year Manufacture Warranty.

The Smart Landscape Camera is designed to take a 10 second video of anything that triggers the motion sensor. Moving objects are recorded for up to 1 minute. The Smart Landscape Cameras were designed to conserve battery life, so unfortunately it does not continuously record throughout the day.

The AC-Adapter is available on our website. Please visit 12V AC Adapter for Smart Landscape Camera | shopNovolink


Yes, you do need a smart device to be able to download the Novolink LS App.

Please go to your app store and download ‘ Novolink LS’ app.

Video Coming Soon

Please contact our Customer Care team at 1877-592-5233 and have the proof of purchase ready.

Please make sure you are connecting to a 2.4G internet. If the issue persist, please contact us at 1877-592-5233.

The controller for the Hampton Bay lights is weather resistant meant for indoors and outdoors. Our lights are commercial-grade construction, designed for continuous, year-round use.

Please contact us at 1877-592-5233 or visit out website link to get replacements LED Bulbs. Replacement LED Bulb Element for Hampton Bay Cafe String Light | shopNovolink

A max of 5 strings can be connected per controller.

Yes, a 2.4G internet is necessary to connect the lights to the app.

Please contact us at 1877-592-5233, our agents will work with you directly.

Yes, the LED bulbs can be replaced.

No, the strings only come in black color.

No, we do not recommend taking the LED Bulbs out of the string unless they need to be replaced.

The lights will not work correctly or power on.

No, the app is only to change colors, themes, timers, etc. Once connected to an outlet the LED Bulbs will play a preset set of colors. You can use the Hubspace app with your smartphone/device (including Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa), or plug them in independently (though there may be some issue with using with a timer.). Note that the Hubspace app includes a very convenient scheduling function.

Pressing and releasing the button on the controller will cycle the lights through a series of settings.

We do not recommend cutting or modifying the string light set and wiring in any way. This will not only compromise your warranty, it will render the product non-functioning.

Any Android device running 9.0 and higher or IOS 11.0 and higher.


Yes, Google Home and Alexa are compatible

Each string will have 12 shatter resistant LED Bulbs.

Yes, Please provide us with the proof of purchase and we’ll gladly send out the missing parts.

Yes, our lights are weather-resistant, commercial-grade construction, designed for continuous, year-round use.

27 ft. commercial-grade string set (24 ft. lighted length)


Our Hampton Bay lights are dimmable. The hubspace app has a brightness setting to increase or decrease the brightness.

Pressing and releasing the button will cycle the lights through a series of settings. The first setting will set the lights to display warm white at full, there are 18 different light settings. 1. Warm White Full 2. Christmas (A festive Medley) 3. July 4th (An ongoing pattern of green, white, and red) 4. Rainbow (moves through the colors of the rainbow) 5. Valentine's Day (Be Mine) 6. Halloween (Spine-chilling colors for a dark night) 7. Easter Eggs 8. St. Patrick's Day (A moving pattern of green lights) 9. Under the Sea (Drift away) 10. Green, White, and Red (An ongoing pattern of green, white, and red) 11. Double Rainbow (It's so bright and vivid) 12. Hanukkah (A festival of lights) 13. Clarity (Full power to inspire creativity) 14. Jump 7(Jumps through a larger set of colors) 15. Jump 3(Jumps through 3 colors) 16. Chill (Soft warm to help you relax) 17. Monday (A bolt of blue) 18. White (All bulbs one color white).

No, the strings cannot be shortened safely. Any modification on the string can void the 2-Year the strings cannot be shortened safely. Any modification on the string can void the 2-Year Warranty.

We recommend reviewing the 'Use and Care Guide' before mounting the string lights. Per controller you can connect UP TO 5 strings. There is no need to scan each controller, only one controller should be scanned to the app since in your case you have one controller with 3 strings. Try scanning one controller, the Wi-Fi settings should come up.

We do not recommend exchanging or removing the LED bulbs. Please contact us at 1800-933-7188 for additional troubleshooting or if you need LED replacements.

We recommend contacting us at 1800-933-7188 for assistance. More than likely, we will proceed with replacing the controller. Please have the sales receipt with you and one of our Customer Representative will gladly help you out. Remember our Hampton Bay lights come with a 2-Year Manufacture Warranty.

No, our Hampton Bay strings cannot be connected to a solar panel.

Sí, nuestros agentes pueden atenderlo en español. No dude en llamar al 1-800-933-7188 o envíenos un correo electrónico a

Yes, our agents can assist you in Spanish.  Feel free to call 1-800-933-7188, or email us at

The cord distance between the panel and light is about 10 feet. As long as this allows you to mount the solar panel in an area where it receives uninterrupted sunlight, this should be good.

Our Hampton Bay lights come with a 2-Year Manufacture Warranty.

2 Years of Manufacture Warranty.

Of course, please contact us and provide us with the sales receipt.

2-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

DFI-0553 and DFI-0654, come with a 3-Year Manufacture Warranty.


No, the warranty will not cover a battery replacement.


First contact our Customer Care Department at 1866-308-3976 and provide the proof of purchase. We will then run through troubleshooting steps, if the unit keeps failing we will create a claim number and have you send the unit to us. Please keep in mind, you are responsible for the shipping cost to us. If we determined the unit is defective we will send out a replacement unit to you at our own cost.


DFI-0452-WH comes with a 1-Year Manufacture Warranty.