Replacement LED Bulb Elements for WiFi RGB String Lights

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Each order includes 2 replacement LED bulb elements.  

These are replacement bulbs for the WiFi RGB String Lights (C9 and Icicle Bulb.).


  1. Find the start of your WiFi RGB String.  This is the part of the string that connects to the Controller.
  2. Identify which bulbs are not working in your 25-bulb string.  Moving from the start of the string to the end, count the position of the bulb(s) that are not working.  For example, if the bulb in position 3 is out, you will make a note to order Bulb# - 3.)LED Bulb Element Position
  3. Add the Bulb#s to your cart.  You will have to add bulbs to the Shopping Cart one-bulb at a time.
  4. One order of bulbs contains 2 replacements.  If you need more than 2 of a specific Bulb#, order one more additional quantity; you will receive 4 bulbs total.

Click HERE to download instructions for installing the replacement bulbs.